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About Blue Wave Peru

About BlueWave

Today, the world is full of canned fish or commodity fish oil/fishmeal companies who deal in crude products – but Bluewave is taking these standard businesses to task, with new levels of manufacturing hygiene and new patented manufacturing technology to create specialized oil & protein products for Feed/Food/Pharma applications. At the molecular level, a fish is more than just skin/bones/oil/protein – it is full of highly valuable bio-active components that when blended or isolated in just the right way, can create products which are many times more valuable than crude components normally produced.

Why Peru, Ecuador and Spain ?

Proximity to Raw Material and Clients.    Whether it’s the Humbolt current in Peru providing phytoplankton for the largest biomass fishery in the world, or the steady flow of Tuna in the equatorial waters of Ecuador, or the years of tradition consolidating the by-products on the coast of Spain – having a steady source of high quality raw material is critical to our supply chain.   In addition, having manufacturing sites around the world helps us meet client needs through local production and mitigate risk of seasonal variation in raw material supplies.