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Bluewave's goal is simple:   Produce high quality feed ingredients encompassing Peptides + Nucleotides, Proteins and Oils using marine based raw materials. Our feed ingredients are more than proteins and are designed to provide the end user improvements in their FCR (Feed Conversion Ratios) and ultimately an ROI of greater than 200%.  We have two basic categories of our BluewaveTM products.  The first is FPC (Fish Protein Concentrate) which is a combination of proteins and lipids, while the second is FPI and isolation of Fish Proteins with up to 70% of Peptide content in the 0-1,000 Dalton range. 

Both are processed under specialized conditions which results in Proteins-Peptides+Nucleotides which are NOT denatured.  This is why its important to analyze BluewaveTM products beyond just the Amino Acid profile - they are functionally different than traditional protein sources.  Our products help feed companies and farmers meet their Sustainability and/or Organic claims, as 100% of our raw material meets the criteria for non-wild catch fish. Read on to learn more about how Bluewave Marine Ingredients can work for you.

As a result of the specialized manufacturing process, FPI/FPC also has reduced salt levels and reduced biogenic amines (histamine, putrescine, cadaverine) which form in animal based proteins once the living animal source dies. Purity levels of FPI/FPC show up to 80% reductions in biogenic amines with the resulting purity levels “fit for human consumption” – something that can’t be said for fishmeal or fish solubles.

Isolations of fish based peptides + nucleotides have proven to be excellent sources of nutrition for developing digestive systems in young animals, but until now it was cost prohibitive to produce and the purity levels required could not be met. Years of research has proven the benefits of standard Fish Peptides in numerous animal feed applications. With near 100% digestibility and solubility, and secretagogue effect, FPI / FPC assure very high feed conversion ratios.

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