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Press Release: May 27th, 2011

Food - Protein Products for Human Consumption

 Protein is one of the most basic and important food ingredients for humans to have in a properly balanced diet.  The amino acids in the proteins are the building blocks of life, and are critical for proper muscle development in humans.   Understanding the differences of proteins in terms of their amino acid makeup, the net protein content of a food ingredient and the net cost are all important aspects for consumers to make informed decisions about the products they choose to eat.  Read on to see if Bluewave can help you understand how to make proper analysis on your own.

Bluewave serves three broadly defined product categories: 

Functional Ingredients and Additives
Marine proteins to provide different properties such as gelling, wetting, binding  or flavoring.

Protein for Nutrition   PerfectDigest/Aminomarine TM
Marine proteins  are considered one of the most perfect protein sources that mother nature has provided.  As an ingredient supplier, Bluewave looks to work with existing nutrition companies such that they can incorporate our powered PerfectDigest/Aminomarine product into their existing line of performance products .

Bulk Protein  
Our basic grade protein is quite possibly the highest value/most cost effective fish protein available on the market today.  This product is suitable for a variety of basic nutrition programs  and can be consumed at  50-80% lower cost than alternative protein sources.

Protein Concentrates/Isolates for Human Consumption

Understanding Protein Values 
 Its very important to understand the “Net Protein” content of a food source.  For example, if you buy 1kg of Beef at the grocery store, you do not receive 1kg of protein – in fact, most meat products are at least 70% water and they also have a fat or oil component,   that’s true for fish as well.   In general you might expect about 20% protein content in any raw meat source that you purchase.   In the Bluewave process, we remove the water so that you are left with a concentrated or isolated protein component – thus when making economic comparisons it is important to understand how to make the calculations.

Examples of Net Protein Calculations in Typical Foods 
We have found an excellent website which allows you to quickly get reliable data on different food products so that understand the calculations from the bottom up.

Analysis of typical bulk protein food sources

Food Chart