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Fish Protein Powder lands on the USA Retail Market

Bluewave Marine Ingredients announces the commercial launch of its AminoMarineTM brand protein powder available to retail buyers in the USA market. The commercial website has went live with 4 flavor options, PeanutButter, Chocolate-Hazelnut, Natural (non-flavored) and a Natural (neutralized). The Fish Protein Powder is Dairy Free and Gluten Free which make it Paleo, Crossfit and Celiac diet friendly. Key characteristics of the product start with what our clients say is an amazing taste, says Michael Mussell – CEO of Bluewave and he goes on to credit this result to two years of process development saying “Utilization of key refining techniques that remove the fish fat/oil component leaving an 83+% protein powder, establishing the baseline for creating a more neutral protein flavor and allowing us the ability to then add additional flavors for the retail consumer market”. The unflavored version of the Fish Protein Powder is produced in Bluewave’s Peru facility, then shipped in bulk to the USA where it is further processed, flavored and packaged – all in GMP facilities. The protein market is saturated with dairy and vegetable based options – but you just can’t find a cost effective, acceptable tasting fish protein product for general consumption in shakes or as a food ingredient. Fish by its very nature is considered a healthy protein source – and there is a large base of consumers looking for alternatives to dairy to allergen issues and concerns about hormone/antibiotics/rGBH. Similarly the male audience looks to avoid some of the estrogen concerns associated with soy proteins. For more information, see or   

AminoMarine Launches in USA Sports Nutrition market !


North America Distribution

Spain - July 2012

Bluewave will be completing construction of its feed grade factory in Tarifa Spain in 2012. The plant is currently in process to receive it sanitary and operating permits for production in 2013. More to come !   

Inauguration of Peru Food Plant

Press Release: May 27th, 2011

May 24, 2011   Bluewave Marine Ingredients – is pleased to announce the commissioning of it’s Food Grade, Fish Protein Isolate (FPi) production plant located in Pisco, Peru.   This facility is the first of its kind in the world, mass producing fat-free, membrane refined ,Fish Protein and Fish Peptide products for Human Consumption applications.   The $6MM facility has been awarded its Sanitary License by the Peruvian Sanitary Authority,   Instituto Tecnologica Pesquera (ITP), and will begin exporting and selling locally commercial quantities in June 2011.    

CEO Michael Mussell shares “this unique facility meets the declared Peruvian  goal of utilizing a greater percentage of the vast Sardine biomass (Engraulis Ringens) for value added, food grade applications… not just traditional fishmeal applications for aquaculture.”   This new factory is the 2nd protein refinery in the Bluewave family, (the first of which launched in summer 2009 in Ecuador [feed grade] and the 3rd in Spain is coming in Dec 2011) .    

Equally important to Sanitary Licensing, BlueWave has organaleptically qualified its products for specific food ingredient applications.   South American “Papilla” (baby food provided in local social programs for ages 6 months and above), is currently being reformulated to replace the expensive egg/whey proteins (>$8/kg) with lower cost BlueWave Fish Protein Isolate (FPi) at $5/kg.   With its hypoallergenic molecular weight profile and ultra purity, at 6% FPi inclusion rates, local test panels indicate there is no taste/smell difference in the final product from typical milk/egg-based baby foods.   With recent cost increases of milk products, the FPi is also being investigated by local milk/food companies as a replacement for the expensive proteins used as fillers in food products (sauces/pastas etc) and calf milk replacers.

“Introduction of the product to the marketplace requires resetting the expectations of the users” – says Mark Rottmann –COO “they think of fish protein products of always having a ‘fat/oil’ component which brings in fish flavor/smell characteristics.  BlueWave’s Perfect Digest FPi minimizes these characteristics, thus increasing exponentially the market application potential.   Currently the Asia market offers a variety of Fish Collagen Peptides based on fish skins as the raw material, but these typically run $10-20/kg.    BlueWave PerfectDigestTM line utilizes the entire fish, so from a nutrition standpoint we bring the entire amino acid profile into the food product – and we can’t be beat from a cost perspective”. Organic and Sustainable are key aspects of the PerfectDigestTM product line – we take what nature gives us and refine it, but without bleaching , solvents or other detrimental preservatives/additives. Clients have the option for a single ingredient fish based product.

Bluewave PerfectDigestTM Peptides Receive GMP Certification

Bluewave Marine Ingredients is pleased to announce that its JV operation in Manta, Ecuador (Marine Protein) has received its GMP certification from the globally recognized SGS company Certificate EC10/216303 was awarded Oct 5th 2010 and is valid for three years subject to satisfactory surveillance audits.

Felipe Elias , SGS Manager Latin America says “the ability to provide expert evaluations of food/feed facilities is important to international trading companies as they rely on independent audits such as this to assure that remotely sourced ingredients meet critical processing standards.”

This is an important milestone for the Bluewave Ecuador site – as it assures the world that PerfectDigestTM Peptides are made according to sanitary requirements for both human and animal consumption applications” stated Mark Rottmann, COO for Bluewave. “We recently passed the 1,000 ton mark in terms of Peptide production, this registration will allow us to further expand into critical export markets.

1% inclusion of Peptides have been shown to play an important role in gut development of young animals and show improved breast meat ratios in poultry. With the advance of organic & antibiotic free farming, naturally produced Peptides offer alternative ingredients to greatly improve FCR and animal growth. Additionally, the BSE issue allows fish based peptides to function as a replacement for traditional Plasma Proteins in swine diets (at competitive prices). In Aquaculture, fish Peptides have proven to allow reduced inclusions of fishmeal in adult diets and are excellent attractants for shrimp feeds. The science of fish peptides is starting to reach the growers & producers.

To learn more about Peptides from independent research around the world, visit


Bluewave Marine Ingredients designates EFEV China as authorized distributor for the PerfectDigestTM product line


SOURCE: Bluewave Marine Ingredients

Singapore, 18 May 2010 - LinkAsia Partners, the commercial partner for Bluewave in the Asia Pacific region today announced that EFEV China has been appointed as the authorized distributor for PerfectDigestTM products in China. Under the agreement, EFEV will distribute and market PerfectDigestTM products across its extensive distribution network in China.

The announcement follows from other successful commercial development activities which have been executed by LinkAsia Partners in the region and is part of the ongoing expansion and investment plan in Asia Pacific for Bluewave's product lines based on peptides from marine sources.

David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners commented: "EFEV's excellent track record, which includes over ten years experience in the feed industry and its well-trained and professional staff, made them the right choice to grow our business in the region. EFEV provides local technical support, warehousing, and distribution capabilities to support the utilization of specialty feed ingredients like PerfectDigestTM in China's dynamic animal feed industry."

"We are honoured to be appointed the distributor for the PerfectDigestTM peptide product line in China and excited to bring to market a product that provides real solutions for the expanding pig, poultry and aquaculture industry in China." said Hu Hongbin, President of EFEV Group. "The potential of this valuable product can already be seen from the list of customers' requests for PerfectDigestTM as a replacement to traditional plasma proteins.

"The timing of the agreement is important to the marketplace," revealed Mark Rottmann, COO of Bluewave Marine Ingredients. "High fishmeal prices and reliability issues with plasma protein have created a requirement for alternative specialty protein sources like our Fish Peptide Isolate product, which can replace these traditional sources at a lower cost and higher performance".

To meet the demand for Fish Peptides and Nucleotides, Bluewave is continuing an aggressive investment program in manufacturing throughout the world and in conjunction with LinkAsia Partners, the companies are rapidly developing the PerfectDigestTM brand of products through an expanding network of local distribution partners and customers in Asia Pacific.


Bluewave Announces "First of a kind" Fish Peptide Isolate Production Plant In Manta, Ecuador.

Bluewave Marine IngredientsTM ( is pleased to announce the successful startup of a “first of a kind” Fish Peptide Isolate (FPi) production plant in Manta, Ecuador. The $2MM+ project is a joint venture between Marine Protein S.A.C. of Manta, Ecuador and Bluewave Management, Inc. of Panama. The JV is structured whereby Bluewave will manage IP and control product formulations, process development and sales/marketing of the Fish Peptide/Peptone products, while Marine Protein SAC will operate the plant and manage local logistics / raw material contracts.

The sanitary grade facility began commercial scale production of Peptides this summer with Ecuadorian poultry/aquaculture clients being the first to incorporate PerfectDigestTM FPi into their feed formulas. Inclusion rates of 0.5-1.0% during the first 2-4 weeks of feeding has resulted in Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) improvements of several percentage points for poultry. These results have prompted additional local poultry/shrimp/tilapia feed manufacturers and farm operators to initiate trials to determine efficacy in their own applications as well.

Luis Daqui, the Sr. Nutritionist for AgriPac / Balanfarina Feed company of Guayaquil shares that, "the initial inclusions have shown a catalytic affect of the Fish Peptide by helping the chick's digestive tract to develop and to better convert all the other feed which is consumed. About 50g of dry matter FPi has been enough to improve FCR by several points and finish weights by more than 100g". Balanfarina is now incorporating FPi/FPC into their Poultry & Aqua Feeds with finished product available for export.

Poultry operations see a reduction in total feed consumed to offset the Peptide inclusion (which is about 6-8 cents per chick) and then above that they are seeing animals reach larger harvest weights in fewer days. In total, the first two applications have averaged about 300% ROI (18 cents/bird) when including the Fish Peptide Isolates. The ease with which FCR improvements were demonstrated by local poultry producers drove the fast adoption rates in that segment, however AquaCulture and Swine benefit similarly.

From Mark Rottmann, COO – "The Bluewave process is unique in that it utilizes patent protected membrane technology and can produce highly purified peptide isolates (with zero fat content) something which no other company is currently doing in the Americas…our plants are producing human grade protein products as well". The Ecuador site is currently capable of producing about 600 tons/year of the Peptide product with plans to double capacity in the near future and Bluewave’s Pisco, Peru plant with 3,000+ tons of capacity is expected to come on line in the first half of 2010. Discussions for JV sites in Asia & Africa are underway as well.
All of the Bluewave plants are based on marine raw materials which qualify as "Sustainable", as such the products can prove critical to AquaCulture companies needing to reduce the use of wild-catch fishmeal in their feed formulas.


Bluewave Marine appoints LinkAsia Partners Pte. Ltd., Singapore, as their exclusive marketing and commercial support partner.

Singapore November 23, 2009: 

Bluewave Marine Ingredients, Panama, has  appointed LinkAsia Partners Pte. Ltd., Singapore, as their exclusive marketing and commercial support partner for the PerfectDigestTM line of animal feed and petfood products in Asia Pacific. 

In concert with Bluewave, LinkAsia Partners will work closely with the region’s customers and channel partners to maximize the return on investment from using PerfectDigest, a unique source of marine based peptides.

Mark Rottmann, COO of Bluewave states, “We are very pleased to be working with an organization led by David. His years of personal experience and knowledge of the feed industry assures we will achieve a clear articulation of the PerfectDigestTM  benefits in the complex feed ingredient market in Asia”.

David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners said, “After seeing some early results from trials with the PerfectDigest, we are very excited to bring this new ingredient technology to the customers in Asia Pacific.”    PerfectDigestTM has been shown to increase total poultry growth by more than 4% when only 25g of product is consumed during the first 3-4 weeks of the birds life – and similar results have been seen with weanling pigs.

LinkAsia Partners Pte. Ltd. a private company incorporated in Singapore represents global manufacturers in the feed and food ingredient sector in Asia Pacific.  A dedicated regional team with headquarters in Singapore support channel partners and leading food and feed companies to bring evolutionary concepts and products to the market. 

For more information contact LinkAsia Partners at


BARC confirms PerfectDigestTM Peptide improves weight gain 

Singapore Monday, November 16, 2009:

Following the successful launch of PerfectDigestTM Peptides in South American Poultry applications, Bluewave Marine Ingredients was requested by Asia Pacific clients to provide independent efficacy confirmation prior to embarking on the logistics to import commercial quantities of product.  
In order to efficiently support commercialization of its marine based Peptide products, Bluewave has engaged the services of LinkAsia Partners, a Singapore based commercial and marketing support organization, to manage all commercial activities in the AsiaPacific region.  As their first formal action, the companies contracted with the Bangkok Animal Research Center (BARC) for the poultry feed tests.  
The highly respected and independent BARC test facility completed the controlled tests in an 800 bird matrix.  "The tests were designed to confirm the effects of 1% dry matter inclusion in regards to feed conversion, bird growth and carcass composition"  indicates David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners.  "We were very impressed with  PerfectDigestTM day 10 results which showed nearly 2% FCR improvement and a 3.3% growth improvement."  This statistically significant growth rate improvement carried through to the end of the 18 day period, and once all the data is compiled, the full details of the trials results will be published.

The companies will initiate follow up trials to evaluate performance at 2% dry matter inclusion, where the optimal economic benefits have been achieved (5-6% growth improvements) in South American poultry applications.   Beyond poultry, the companies will also initiate independent trials on weanling pigs, as FPi has shown to be an economical alternative to Plasma Proteins/Blood Proteins in  private tests from Europe & the Americas.

In a world where protein is at a premium and feed costs are now ratcheting back up, Bluewave is pleased to provide a protein based, natural feed ingredient which results in faster growth, less feed consumption, less animal waste and of course a 300% ROI for the integrated poultry growers.