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Pet Food

Pet Food

Pet nutrition is becoming increasingly important to pet owners around the world.  Bluewave products allow pet food manufacturers to incorporate Peptides + Nucleotides in forms which are Fat Free or which include the highly valuable Omega 3's fat-oil component. We have two basic categories of our BluewaveTM products.  The first is FPC (Fish Protein Concentrate) which is a combination of proteins and lipids, while the second is FPi a fat-free isolation of low molecular weight Fish Proteins. 

As a result of the specialized manufacturing process, FPi/FPc also have reduced salt levels and reduced biogenic amines (histamine, putrescine, cadaverine) which form in animal based proteins once the living animal source dies. Purity levels of FPi/FPc show up to 80% reductions in biogenic amines.

Benefits of Bluewave ProductsTM in Pet Food

Petfood applications can enjoy the health benefits of high quality Peptide + Nucleotide - Omega3 ingredients which have been supported by independent studies.
Gut health, prebiotic and probiotic effects are key areas of research where peptides are demonstrating measurable benefits in animal nutrition.

Palatability Enhancer:
The purity and molecular weight profile of BluewaveTM products provide an excellent flavor profile enhancement and can bring finicky animals to eat when they otherwise might not.
Inclusion rates will vary based on your other ingredients, 2-3% is a good level with which to begin your evaluation.
The liquid application during your manufacturing process assures that the flavor enhancement is equally distributed across the entire spectrum of the other ingredients, steam conditioning is not required.

Sustainable Marine Proteins
Bluewave provides high quality marine protein ingredients as part of the overall protein balance in the animal diet and can qualify as Sustainable and/or Organic if required for your marketing program.