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Production and Operations

BlueWave facilities are constructed to meet strict hygienic standards, order to meet full Sanitary qualifications to produce products for Human Consumption.

From start to finish, we utilize fully covered facilities, stainless steel piping/tanks and processing equipment.

CIP Protocols (cleaning process) are exercised on a daily basis.

Incoming raw material is processed within just a few hours.

FPI and FPC production lots are designed and produced under the most stringent hygiene standards, allowing for food grade standards for freshness (Histamine, TVN) and purity (protein levels, absence of heavy metals, etc.)

What this means for your application is consistent quality and purity, thus avoiding issues encountered with other “Rendered” marine ingredients.

Independent Certificate of Analysis are available for PerfectDigestTM including Protein, Fat, Ash, TVN and Histamine.