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Sustainable Products with reduced environmental impact

Waste not, Want not.

In addition to the fact that Bluewave can produce high quality protein and oil products for Feed/Food/Pharm applications, there is also a very "Green" side to our business.

In a typical fish processing facility, it is often true that 3-5% of all the 'Protein-Oil" that is brought into the facility is lost as waste. Several factors come into play including high costs for processing waste into traditional fishmeal products (when dealing with small tonnage volumes), but also the technical problems associated with harvesting the dilute streams of liquid proteins & oils which are part of freezing/thawing/canning. If you consider a typical canning plant which processing 100 tons/day of whole fish, the facility will often generate 100+ tons of liquid waste and another 10-20 tons of solid waste. Bluewave approaches these residuals as "raw materials" for new products, rather than waste. We have designed a process which can recover 97% of all the proteins and oils in those liquid/solid waste streams. This is waste which often pollutes nearby rivers or ocean waters. At the end of our process we will actually produce extremely pure water which can easily be converted into drinkable water, or simple used as local irrigation.

BlueWave Marine Ingredients believes in the benefits of supply sustainability and works on the principles of:

. Applying technology to capture the hundreds of thousands of tons of proteins & oils which are currently lost into the environment due to older, less efficient processing methods.

. Increasing By-Product Value through utilization of enzymatic processes and membrane purification results in products which are more effective than traditional fish protein sources.

. Improve protein quality such that a 50% reduction of inclusion levels can be achieved when compared to traditional fish proteins - in essence doubling the capability of current raw material supplies.


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